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"I have visited Calvaleigh for both Swedish massage and Shiatsu--she is quite proficient at both. She provided quite a relief for my aching shoulders." --Anonymous


I highly recommend Calvaleigh Rasmussen for massage. I have been seeing her every other week for several months, alternating between Swedish massage and Shiatsu, and it’s been very beneficial. She is particularly attentive to problem spots, and sensitive to ouchy places (old injuries.) I have regained some range of motion in my hips (didn’t know I’d lost it, but I love having it back) and I leave feeling relaxed. As I near 60, I have come to understand this is not an indulgence, but a necessary part of care and maintenance, and I am grateful that Calvaleigh’s price is so reasonable.



"I love massage, both for the yumminess while it’s happening and for the stress relief and improved ease of movement that comes afterward. The first time I came to Calvaleigh, I’d been having trouble with a painful tense spot in my neck that just would not let go; within a few minutes, she’d identified where the tension was really coming from (my trapezius?), and worked on the area so skillfully that I felt relief from that pain for the first time in weeks. Thank you, Calvaleigh!"

--Laura Brueckner


"Calvaleigh rules and is amazing and wonderful and gives a fantastic massage!! <3"


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